COVID-19: We are pleased to announce that we are integrating the use of telehealth as part of our assessments. This option is being utilized as clinically appropriate. If you are interested to learn more, please contact our office and we will work with you to assess all of your options. 

It is not uncommon for children to experience difficulties in school from time to time. When you notice that your child has been putting forth significant effort, but continues to struggle with certain skills, it may be a sign of a learning disability. Learning disabilities are often diagnosed when an individual's academic or functional skills (reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, mathematics) are below the expected ranges based on their intellectual ability.

What are the common signs and symptoms?

  • Difficulty discerning right from left
  • Difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, grammar, or mathematics
  • Reversing letters, words or numbers (after 1st/2nd grade)
  • Difficulty recognizing patterns or sorting items by shape and size
  • Difficulty staying organized
  • Difficulty understanding and/or following instructions
  • Difficulty with concepts related to time
  • Difficulty recalling information that was read
  • Difficulty recalling verbal instructions
  • Difficulty with gross and fine motor tasks and coordination
  • Uneven or inconsistent academic performance
  • Difficulty communicating ideas or thoughts
  • Difficulty writing thoughts, loss of interest/energy while writing, avoidance or strong dislike of writing

Risk Factors

  • Family history and genetics
  • Substance exposure in utero
  • Premature birth and low birthweight
  • Psychological trauma
  • Physical trauma
  • Exposure to environmental toxins

Testing Can Assist with Some of the Following

  • Eligibility for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
  • Admission into private schools
  • Accommodations for standardized testing (e.g., IRB, ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.)




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